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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 4, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> it's a great place to take in the view normally, but today at twin peaks all you could see was a smoke filled haze. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. alma and dan are off. the bay area has had five straight spare the air days. something we haven't seen in years. weather anchor spencer christian is here with more on that. spencer? >> eric, there was the smoke, the buildup of pollutants as a result of the heat wave we had
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and the stagnant air and of course today was our 5th consecutive spare the air day as you can see on the graphic here. the north bay had unhealthful air and the coast and central bay, we had moderate air quality in the inland east bay, south central bay and the santa clara valley. tomorrow will not be spare the air. we'll break the chain as the air quality begins to improve slowly. moderate but it won't be great. here's a look at doppler 7 high clouds moving through the bay area. this is the view of the moon over the bay from our rooftop camera here at abc7 news. it's currently 68 degrees here in san francisco which is still quite mild for this hour of the night. that is usually a daytime high fr san francisco. we have temperatures in the 70s at oakland, mountain view, san jose, gilroy and half moon bay. this is the view from the east bay hills camera under skies that are fairly clear. temperature readings are in the mid to upper 70s at santa rosa, napa, novato, fairfield, concord and livermore. and this is how it's going to look at 10:00 tonight. still some lingering clouds, but tomorrow we'll have cleaner air, lower humidity and brighter skies. i'll give you the accuweather
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seven-day forecast in a few minutes. eric? >> all right, spencer, thank you very much. as you hertd him say the air is starting to clear up tonight. this is our view from the emeryville tower camera. abc7 news lyanne ma linda has what is causing the bad air. >> reporter: twin peaks was not battered by the traditional wind and fog. people were marveling at the hazy skies unusual for this area. smoke from more than a dozen fires in northern california and oregon has been moving towards the bay area and staying here because there hasn't been a wind system to push it out. >> we've not had fresh wind, not had a lot of ventilation, so high heat, low wind, we are breathing in smoke and owe zone. >> reporter: add the recent high temperatures and the air quality becomes extremely poor. >> typically patients who are normally well controlled with their inhalers and their medications now are finding those aren't working like they used to. >> reporter: patients also complain of headaches and coughing with all those
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particles in the air, doctors recommend not exercising outdoors. walter lopez wasn't following that advice today. >> you have to do what you have to do. can't let anything stop you. >> i wasn't running when it was 106 for sure. ways inside waiting for things to cool down. >> reporter: but late today conditions were slowly changing, enough to lift the spare the air alert for tuesday. > luckily now it's sort of dissipating and we have some fresh winds coming in. >> reporter: and even though conditions are improving, the bay area air quality management is reminding people that the spare the air alert is still in effect for tonight. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> fire fighters are trying to contain a brush fire in the gilroy hills. that fire started last night and has spread to more than 100 acres. it is only 10% contained. it's burning in steep hilly terrain, an area that has not burned before so it is incredibly dense with trees, brush and dry grass. neighbors there tell abc7 news the fire was sparked by kids with fire works. helicopters have the best arc
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ses, but resources are strapped as fire fighters battle numerous fires around northern california. and here's cal fire's map of the 29 wild fires burning around the state right now. the active fires are at red, more than 12,000 fire fighters are fighting these blazes. one of the largest is threatening 2700 year old giant sequoias in madera county. the so-called railroad fire has burned 9700 acres and forced the closures of highway 41, the southern entrance into yosemite. that fire is 23% contained. better news in southern california. people evacuated by the la tuna fire near burbank and glendale interest back home tonight. cooler temperatures and a sudden downpour yesterday helped extinguish the blaze. the fire charred more than 7,000 acres and destroyed at least three homes. a team of san jose fire fighters is headed to battle a wiemd fire is that threatens 200 homes in madera county. they'll join crews that raced from north fork and other states. fire fighters say there i more
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grass to burn in the hilly and rugged terrain because of wet winter. they face evacuation orders while homes remain threatened. a >> i found out when i came up hire the whole mountain was on fire. i thought, i was stressed out. my dogs were up there, too, i was worried about them. >> erratic winds posed an added risk for crews because the flames can change direction at any time. that fire has burned about 650 acres, no word yet on containment. now to the white house and the decision that is expected tomorrow on a major immigration policy that now protects roughly 800,000 dreamers. those are the undocumented immigrants who were children when they were brought to the u.s. attorney generaleff sessions is expected to make an announcement tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. in the morning. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has more. >> congress can make it right. >> reporter: as he prepared to return to washington this evening, east bay congressman mark told us he's prepared to fight. with and against republicans for
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daca. >> we've been trying to fix immigration for 20 years in this country, and because of partisan politics we've been unable to come up with a smart thoughtful way to do it. >> reporter: daca stand for deferred action for childhood arrivals. it is estimated there are 800,000 dreamers in the united states. a quarter of them in california. cecilia chavez is one of those. she's a mother of two and holds a master's degree from san jose state. >> so many people depend on this. my parents depend on me, depend on my income. my children depend on me. and for him to terminate daca, he has no idea what he's doing. >> right now donald trump is focused on the wrong issues. >> reporter: oakland city council man says ending daca would certainly create hardship for the young people it protects. but also for the larger community. >> these youngsters are in our graduating from our high schools, serving in the military. they are also at the university level that are demonstrating
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leadership, education strength, and most of all, helping the economy. >> reporter: as of 2015, there were nearly 400 dreamers attending classes here at u.c. berkeley. at this point it's unclear how an end to daca would affect their educational status. in berkeley, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> politico is reporting that if president trump ends daca, former president obama will post a statement on facebook. the former president suggested that the end of his term that he would be morally compelled to speak up if the future of daca was under threat. if the president makes the announcement tomorrow, you can find out when it happens through our abc7 news app. download it now and enable push alerts. a wild police chags in marin county ended with some frightening moments for another driver. the second driver says it came to an end when the suspect collided with her black bmw at the mill valley off ramp from highway 101. the area is next to a popular trail for runners and bikers and witnesses say the accident could have been much worse.
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>> everyone was concerned. they were wondering if bewere okay and they said it was really, really horrible. and that was really terrible and they were wondering if we were okay. and then everybody just kept saying we were really lucky. >> both cars had significant damage, but no one was hurt. police identified the suspect as 45-year-old aaron lee of san rafael. he was charged with evading arrest, reckless driving and possession of meth amphetamine. it is labor day today and hundreds of workers in oakland rallied for union rights. they say there is still more to do for economic justice. abc7 news reporter amy holly field has our story. >> reporter: it's become an annual rally cry. the labor day demonstration in front of mcdonald's at 14th and jackson in oakland where fast food workers are fighting for a minimum pay of $15 an hour and representation. >> i need the $15, but i also need the union because having the union, they cannot cut down my days or hours. and i'll have better -- i'll
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have to fight for my rights and the rights of others of my coworkers. >> reporter: california has approved a $15 minimum wage to gradually be in place by the year 2023. union organizers call that a success, but say it is still important to show up each year and be heard. >> $15 in the bay area is nothing. and we're not only asking for $15 here in california, we're going to stop until every single state of this country gives those $15 and union rights. >> reporter: some of these protesters were on strike today, but other employees did show up for work. so, mcdonald's was open. at one point the protest moved inside, shoving customers aside. >> this is obnoxious what they just did. >> reporter: alex questions whether mcdonald's deserves this. >> it kind of sympathize with mcdonald's. they're using their bathrooms for free. they're lining up. no objection. homeless stay here. they do a lot of nice things for the community.
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>> reporter: mcdonald's corporate office was not open today because of the holiday and not able to comment. union organizers say they have no doubt that this gets mcdonald's' attention. they think it's a matter of when, not if there is l change. in oakland, amy holly field, abc7 news. >> just weeks after harvey, a major category 4 hurricane is taking aim at the u.s. what people are doing to prepare for this potentially dangerous storm. also. >> grab my friends, we all hit the deck and all hill broke loose after that. >> that was 40 years ago today and the survivor of the golden dragon massacre still has the memories and mow meant owes of what he went through. have we seen the last o
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and i heard some popping sounds. >> at first that south bay man thought it was firecrackers, but he was actually hearing gunshots, the start of the golden dragon massacre. 40 years ago it was the worst shooting san francisco had ever seen. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard sat down with a survivor today on the anniversary. >> now the police have their hands full trying to figure out who did it and why. >> reporter: that's how abc7 news reported on a shooting massacre in 1977 at the golden dragon restaurant in chinatown.
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>> you should have seen people hit. they meant business. >> these are the infamous bell bottom jeans with three bullet holes in them. >> reporter: howard green was there. he shows us the blood stained jeans where 38 caliber bullets tore through the material. green and his friends why fresh out of college visiting san francisco when gun men burst into the restaurant and started shooting. >> grabbed my friends, we all hit the deck and all hell broke loose. >> reporter: green, his college roommate tom barry on the left were shot. >> i felt the, without getting too graphic, i felt the blood coming out. >> reporter: he and his two friends would survive, but five people were killed, 11 others wounded. >> our waiter was unfortunately mortally wounded. >> reporter: members of a chinatown youth gang known as the joe boys fired, and missed only innocent victims were killed. the gun men were brought to justice and green testified at
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every trial. >> after the first trial there was police protecion provided for us because there was some concern that perhaps we were targets for more retribution. >> reporter: the tragedy led to the formation of san francisco's gang task force. howard green says the ordeal taught him something. >> take more risks because life ever day is a risk. >> reporter: the golden dragon is now the imperial palace. its new owners have no comment about that night 40 years ago. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> the fbi and police in three states including california are looking for a potential kidnap victim. she is virginia paris and the santa barbara county sheriff's office believe she was taken against her will by a boyfriend. they were last seen in this photo coming out of a motel in arizona this morning. they were also spotted in a starbucks where she told a customer she needed help. police now they they are headed to las vegas in the victim's car. it is described as a black 2015 chrysler 200 with california
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license plate on your screen there, 7 nge 514. police say he is considered dangerous and may be armed. another major hurricane is taking aim at the u.s., irma was declared a category 4 storm late today. it will likely hit the leeward islands and puerto rico before continuing on to florida where residents are already preparing. the governor has issued a state of emergency already. abc's lyndsay janice reports from florida. >> reporter: shelves empty as irma takes aim at the u.s. >> if you wait until the last minute, there's nothing to be found and it's like total chaos. >> reporter: after harvey, even hurricane veterans are preparing for the worst. >> our hearts are in houston right now, but reality is here in key west. >> reporter: florida governor rick scott declaring a state of emergency and urging residents to get their disaster plan ready. a state of emergency already declared in puerto rico. plywood and batteries flying off
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shelves before the storm hits here wednesday. the national guard has been activated, schools have been closed, and workers across this island have been ordered to cut their days short tomorrow so they can get ready. american airlines adding flights to get tourists out of irma's path and cruise ships rerouting to dodge the storm. tonight, fema at the ready, 400 people on stand by. giant containers stuffed with supplies delivered to the u.s. virgin islands where irma could hit as early as tomorrow night. 60 people, including 20 children, already evacuated by the national guard. and now the 100,000 people who live there stuck. >> if you're here, you're here at this point. >> reporter: greg and ashley and their two sons are from kansas. but now live in st. croix. the worst possible thing that can happen is the roof gets ripped off and that you just need to be prepared for flying debris. everything in to be completely soaked.
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>> reporter: their own choice, batten down the hatches. stock up on supplies and hope for the best. the red cross says it is no longer sending volunteers to texas from states that could be hit by irma as for fema, it says it is already in place. lyndsay janice, abc news, san juan, puerto rico. >> now abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian is here with our forecast. >> all right, eric, i'll start with our local weatherer and give you a close up look at hurricane irma. let's start with live doppler 7. high clouds moving through the bay area right now, but the sky is brighter than it was much earlier when we had the low clouds and the fog and the smog and the dirty air. let's take a look at our forecast animation starting 10:00 this evening. we'll continue to see high clouds rather moving through the bay area during the late night and overnight hours. 5:00 tomorrow morning as the morning commute gets underway. skies will be bright but you will notice high clouds. that pattern will continue into the midday hours and finally by afternoon we'll see the clouds
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sunnier and it will be a lot less humid tomorrow than it was today so the muggies will have gone away by now. they're with us now as we take a live view from the exploratorium camera looking at the moon in the southeastern sky. looking out over the bay, these are our forecast features. it will be muggy and mild overnight. sunny tomorrow, better air quality than today so we will not have another spare the air day tomorrow. and the cooling continues through friday. so, it's going to be a week of comfortable temperature range. talk about temperatures, check out the welcome relief from a couple days ago. redwood city had a high of 108 on saturday. today's high, 76, 32 degrees cooler. san francisco 102 on saturday, 76 was the high here in the city today. 26 degrees cooler. concord a high of 110 on saturday, two days later today, a high of 88, 22 degrees cooler. the cooling has begun and it will continue through the remainder of the week. overnight as i mention we'll see high clouds moving by. a few low clouds offshore and it will be mild and muggy with low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 60s. tomorrow look for sunnier skies
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than today, although it will be a bit hazy. highs will range from upper 60s at the coast mid upper 70s around the bay. low to mid-'80s in the warm est inland locations. now let's focus on hurricane irma, a powerful and dangerous storm, category 4 hurricane packing maximum sustained winds of 140 miles per hour. its expected path will take it through the caribbean sea, over the islands, over puerto rico, dominican republic, thank yourk caicos, north and south of miami florida saturday. the expected track of the storm right now. if that storm stays on that track, south florida could be in danger of getting some hurricane force effects from that storm. we'll continue to track it closely, of course. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast for the bay area. so, once again, hazy sky, and a little bit muggy tomorrow, but less muggy than today. much less humid on wednesday. and as the week goes on, the air will get dryer and dryer. temperatures continue to decline a bit to below average for this
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time of year actually. but they'll bounce back up to seasonal norms over the weekend. as high temperatures get back into the low 90s in our inland areas but we don't have a heat wave coming our way. just a return to the norm. >> normal summer temperatures. i like the sound of that, spencer. thank you very much. america's changing tastes are behind us. so soda company's sweet offer to find a sugar substitute. friends are tone deaf, have no rhythm, fear not, a smart motion sensor is helping the musically challenged sweet grooves.
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americans are cutting back on the amount of sugar they are consuming leaving a major soda maker looking for a new option. coca-cola has launched a competition on the crowd sourcing platform hero x, the soda maker is seeking a naturally sourced safe, low or no calorie sugar substitute. one grand prize winner will get $1 million while there already are several plant based sweeteners on the market, many issues with bitterness and after taste. a new musical device is creating a unique link between music and the body. france based phone owe tonic lets users control movements. a sensor connected to an app via bluetooth, slow moves create laid back movements. the faster the beat. over a thousand possible mixes are included in the app. >> we want everyone to make
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music, but also to create special link between music and our body because right now we are passive listeners. >> the motion sensor is available online for about $95. it will be featured at this year's ifa consumer electronics show in berlin. that's the world's largest trade show for consumer electronics. it opens to the public on wednesday. north korea's most powerful nuclear test yet. >> the stakes could not be higher. the urgency is now. >> the emergency meeting and the pressure the u.s. is now putting on other countries to help. also. >> they are just looking for a loving home. >> an animal rescue service opens its doors to furry hurricane harvey survivors. the effort to get them new homes in the bay area. and a utah nurse is speaking up following her arrest for
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> we begin this half hour with the growing threat from north korea. this weekend that nation claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the u.n. security council has called for an emergency meeting and the white house is applying more pressure to china. abc chief foreign correspondent ter t terry more an is in seoul, south korea. >> reporter: f-15 fighters practicing bomb attacks. a swift angry response to north korea's startling nuclear test, its 6th most alarming blast yet. north korean state celebrated the, quote, perfect success and there were cheers in the streets of pyongyang.
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the explosion watsz so powerful it triggered a major earthquake magnitude 6.3 with tremors felt across the region. and tonight a u.s. intelligence official tells abc news the north koreans say they tested a hydrogen bomb vastly more powerful than what was dropped on nagasaki appears to be accurate. its detected size they are preparing for another ballistic missile launch this one aimed at the pacific. the u.n. security council meeting in an emergency session this morning. u.s. ambassador nikki haley calling for the strongest possible sanctions and issuing this stunning warning to the north korean dictator kim jong-un. >> his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. >> reporter: president trump just hours after the nuclear test kept open the option of a military strike. >> mr. president, will you attack north korea? >> reporter: but kim jong-un is going all out now to develop his weapons. since february a series of 13 missile launches including some
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capable of striking the u.s. homeland. triggering this threat from the president in august. >> they will be met with fire, fury and, frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> reporter: the president also taking to twitter declaring he is considering launching an economic attack stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea. >> that was terry moran reporting. the first waive of disaster from hurricane harvey steams to be drawing to a close ten days after the storm made land fall. reporter koran was in houston where the next wave of trouble is go to begin. >> reporter: under feet of water, the town of west columbia is rotting. >> just devastation. everybody has lost something. >> reporter: about 4200 people call this home, but ten days after harvey, the flood waters is have destroyed the structures and a lot more. >> it's their lives. it's what they worked all their life for.
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half of them are family homes. it's their tradition. they've always lived here. it's their heritage and it's gone. >> reporter: mandatory evacuations ended tuesday, but west columbia is still mostly a ghost town. electricity and sewer service are still out and police told me they are advising people to get in and check their homes, then leave. further south in sweeney, another 3700 people are starting to trickle home as water levels dropped. what they're finding is nothing like what they left. >> it just shocked my heart to see all this disaster back in there. every time we get a serious, probably 10 to 15 inch rain it floods back there. >> reporter: people here are ready to reboot. to trash what's destroyed and keep what can be kept. but they are expecting a lot of hard work and possibly even more if mold sets in while they're gone. in texas, koran hog ard, abc7 news. >> flooding forced not only
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people but pets to evacuate. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley is looking at how the bay area is helping them find new homes. >> reporter: the dogs of harvey include murry from pasadena, texas and jimmy from houston. and these puppies, iris and tulip surrendered to a shelter in beaumont. they were flown by a donated private jet overnight to the bay area. >> hurricane harvey hit our house with these two little ones. >> reporter: these two six week old puppies were given up by their owners at a shelter in texas south of houston on the day hurricane harvey hit. the shelter then flooded. now tom and jerry are living temporarily in oakland with the cole family. >> when you're desperate to take care of yourself, the human persons and loved ones around you, unfortunately animals are overlooked. at least they weren't tied up and left behind. >> it's heart breaking when tragedy strikes, people have to do so many things that they don't want to do.
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but they have to in order to survive basically. >> including sur rendering their dogs. >> their dogs, their cats, their hamsters, you name it. >> reporter: pets aren't allowed in many hotels or apartments. so, the san francisco spca mud ville senior dog rescue, i milo foundation and mad dog rescue have evacuated 54 dogs and 17 cats so far. they were microchipped and vaccinated overnight and sent to foster homes to await adoption. >> they've been through a lot and it's the least we can do to give them some comfort and a loving home. >> folks here say there are wards filled with puppies and nursing mothers in texas and they are working hard to evacuate more and more of them in the coming weeks and bring them here to the bay area. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> if you would like to help any of the organizations that leslie mentioned, you can go to for links on how to donate, volunteer, or adopt.
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local kids are doing their part to help hurricane harvey victims. abc7 news was in pacific heights in san francisco where 12-year-old sean grover sold to. he even accepted payments from the app for those who didn't have cash. this is the second lemonade for charity. he raised $150 on saturday. and there is still time to help all the victims of hurricane harvey. you can donate by calling the number on your screen, 1-855-999-give, or online at red,/abc and a big thank you to everyone who has already donated. the drive has raised more than $14 million. the nurse who tangled with police while defending her patient is speaking out. the nurse was arrested after she refused to allow an officer to draw blood from an unconscious
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patient. the body cam recorded the entire incident. it happened at the university hospital. the patient had been involved in that deadly crash. >> i can safely say i think any nurse in this entire country would have done the exact same thing i did that day. >> she says she was simply following orders. the detective says so was he. tonight that arresting officer and his supervisor are on paid administrative leave. britain may be gushing over word of the dutches of cambridge indicate mi kate middleton's pregnancy. take a look, the zoo released this video today with a progress report on a baby panda born last month, the first ever panda birth in france. the can you be can now drink without a feeding bottle. french first lady is the panda's godmother. panda births are closely watched because they remain rare. there are only 1800 pandas in the wild in china and about 400 in captivity. up next, the annual tradition to mark the end of
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another annual tradition, one
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scientists believe they have discovered a huge black hole near the center of the milky way. this is an artist's rendering from nasa. the black hole is believed to be about 100,000 times bigger than our sun, but they're not sure it's a black hole because it's hiding behind a massive cloud of gas. scientists say further study will help our understanding of the universe. coming home from burning man, reality can hit pretty hard and the first reality some burners experienced is a car wash, and the price of the car wash. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom was there as workers tried to keep up with a never ending stream of dust covered autos. >> reporter: you could go for the basic car wash, the ultra or the works. but the most expensive thing on the menu is this.
9:42 pm
do they know where this was going when they entered? >> yes, they knew full well. >> reporter: he knew he would have to bring it back clean. i want to make sure i get my deposit bark. you get a hefty fee. >> reporter: only problem, this car wash is closed and across town the one that is open is swamped. >> i just got back from burning man. >> reporter: when a car looks like this you can tell where it's been. ten days in the desert can get you a lifetime supply of that beige substance known as plia dust. >> it it's very fine and it ticks stou. >> it's in the wheels, the doorjambs, nookz and cran is. >> in your hair, your shoes. >> reporter: does the dust come out? >> talk to me afterwads. >> reporter: in the next day they expect to see 200 to 300 cars looking like these. they'll clean every one of them but it is a process. >> the seats, the dash beard. >> reporter: they start with compressed air to knock the dust loose. >> you have to spray the entire
9:43 pm
car. >> reporter: they vacuum the dust out of its hiding places, the windows, the floor mats, the grooves out of the bumper. only then is it time for the soap and water and more soap and more water compared to a normal car wash. >> it takes triple the time. >> reporter: here it's 100 bucks for a regular car, but 400 for this rv. >> dust marks here, this whole floor was covered with dust. now it's super clean. >> reporter: because for many after watching the temple go up in flames, the real last ritual of burning man is getting back that security dee positive i. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> and weather anchor spencer christian will join us shortly with a look at the forecast. plus it doesn't matter how old you are. you can make a difference. a lesson in generosity we can all learn from. b&p
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people cooling off at sten son beach yesterday were treated to a quite a show. dolphins swimming was captured yesterday. the dolphins hung around several hours to the obvious delight of beach goers. this labor day, we told you about one just a few minutes ago. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman found another one in
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tiburon. >> would you like to buy some lemonade? >> reporter: here's a rare sight. an 11 year old significance ter and 9-year-old brother working harmoniously for a common cause. what are you teaching him about marketing and merchandising? >> not to spill the lemonade. >> i was pouring some and spilled it. >> reporter: for the record it is 1,049 miles from tiburon to houston, texas. if you believe in tragedy as a teaching moment, then ava and her 9-year-old brother aaron cannot help but make you smile. >> i always feel good about helping kids in need because they're like us. >> reporter: as the sign says, they're selling toys and lemonade for hurricane harvey relief. the kids actually came up with the idea a couple days ago, but it was so hot mom and dad wouldn't let them do it. today in the first two hours, they've made $40. and counting. >> this is kind of fun.
9:49 pm
>> i'm very proud of them. >> i think the kids, frankly, are empowered by this kind of thing because, you know, they can gather the things together and decide to put on a sale. it doesn't take much effort. >> here you go. that will be $2, please. >> reporter: the kids did remarkably brisk business. cars stopped even on a busy uphill street. how is the lemonade? >> it's pretty good. fresh made apparently. >> we felt the need to help anyway we could. >> reporter: so, here it is, small drops going into a big bucket and every drop counts. when life gives you a hurricane, make lemonade. in tiburon, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> sure could have used some of that over the weekend. let's check the weather with weather anchor spencer christian. >> look at live doppler 7 showing high clouds around the bay area right now. it looks pretty clear when you go out there because they are high clouds. let's move along and take a look at low temperatures tonight, under these high clouds. it's going to be mild and it's
9:50 pm
going to feel mug dwgy over the overnight hours. some locations won't drop below 70 degrees which is more like a daytime high. speaking of daytime highs, tomorrow we'll have a sunnier day than today. it will still be hazy, but it will feel less humid, much more comfortable. highs will range from upper 60s at the coast, mid 70s in the bay. here's the seven-day forecast. skies are brighter and brighter as the week goes on. temperatures will continue getting lower. air quality will improve. it's a wonderful world. but the weekend rolls around it's going to get a little warmer. not the kind of heat we saw last weekend. we'll see temperatures in the more summer like range. >> a wonderful wonderful world. >> that's true. i left off the second one. >> that's right, he sure did. you don't get paid if you don't do the whole lyric. [ laughter ] >> what's going on with sea bass? >> busy day in the east bay. he is being asked to do something no athlete likes to do. the a's got another big day to
9:51 pm
play. matt olson angels
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>> announcer: abc sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> sebastian janikowski is said to make $4 million this season, but the team wants him to restructure the deal and sea bass is wave erring. he's the all-time leading scorer entering the 18th season with the silver and black. 1799 points, he is in the last . he had to figure the raiders would like to reduce his salary and give him an extension. he's on the roster tomorrow. the raiders have to pay the 39-year-old 1/17 of his current salary so this could be resolved tuesday. stay tuned. elsewhere in the nfl, colts quarterback was taken off the p.u.f. or physically unable to perform list today. which enables him to play when he's finally healthy from his shoulder throwing issues. he missed the first six weeks of the season. he hasn't taken a pass since surjs l surgery in january. second week of the u.s.
9:55 pm
open, four women advance to the semi finals. also moving on carolina. for the men thursday roger federer. center court facing the 33rd cede cole shriver. he won in straight sets the second time in a row after five two setters in rounds one and two. he wins in straight sets. he'll face juan marteen dell poe troe. five open titles in 2009. rafa nadal faced off against alexander this morning as he looks for his third open title. he broke the unceded six times and may be playing as well as we have seen in years. he's injury free and it shows with his strokes and movement. he needed only 1 hour 41 minutes kind of like a practice session to take this match. he's back in the quarterfinals for the first time since 2013. when he won the second of his open titles winning in three sets, and unfortunately nadal
9:56 pm
and federer are in the same draw so they can meet in the semi final. johnson colorado, received more bad news today. milan san will have surgery to alleviate a forearm issue on his right arm. the surgery could happen soon. to colorado with his father and son duo is ready. top one, joe and his tenth homer of the year, sets a new major league record for the year -- 217 players with ten or more homers. top three, adds to that list. his tenth homer, make that 218. giants up 2-0. rockies came back to tie bottom three. charlie black man, call that a no doubter. that is out of here quick. bottom 9 tied at three, bases full for cory gar an, and he gives up the winning run by walking carlos gonzalez. come on. giants lose 4-3. if this gets to the end, angels bottom 9, a's down 2 outs. matt olson, reaction from angels
9:57 pm
reliever tells you this game is now tied. olson's second homer of the game, 9 apiece, we go to extra innings. top 11, cole calhoun, triples into the right field corner. that is going to score two. angels go up 11-9. bottom 11, chris davis can win it with a homer. instead, double play, 11-9 the final, a's have lost seven straight. american league record by using 12 pitcher. arizona's j.d. martinez tied a major league record hitting four homers tonight against the dodgers. 18th time that's happened in big league history, cincinnati scooter jeannette hit four dickers in the game earlier this year making this the second season in major league history. two players have hit four homeers in a game. fedex cup police officers, fie -- fedex cup playoffs, birdie eagle birdie, birdie, bogey three of 4 on the back 9. runner up for the second time in a row. and it was his good friend
9:58 pm
justin thomas eagle on 4. got him going, but still two back on the turn. but justin birdies 13 and 15. takes the lead to 16 under. those around him faded and justin thomas wins his 5th event of the year with 5 under, 66, three shot victory almost guaranteed he'll be the player of the year on tour. abc7 sports report brought to you by toyota. justin had 12 threes on his card. a friend tweeted out he's putting up more three's than steph curry. so, and c. bass, i have a feeling they're going to get it worked out. no talk of it, but 39 years old, you're going to take that money and get an extension. >> you bet. thanks, shu. coming up on abc7 news at 11:00, assault in the air and on the ground. fire fighters from across the south bay are racing to stop the brush fire putting an entire neighborhood on danger. and home from harvey, the family reunions taking place in the east bay. join us for abc7 news at 11:00
9:59 pm
over on channel 7. well, no doubt local beach goers built plenty much sand castles but nothing like what you're about to sze. a team in germany set a world record by building the tallest ever sand castle under 55 feet tall. this monster took 3 1/2 weeks to build, 3500 tons of sand involved, and the crew >> deredecorated it with images of animals as well as famous european tourist attractions such as the a crop list and the leaning tower of pisa. >> how do you get on top without caving in the bottom? >> cherry picker. that's how i'd do it. all right, thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. for mike shumann and spencer christian for all of us at abc7 news, we hope you have a great evening and we'll see you back at 11:00 on channel 7.
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